2015-16 Undergraduate Juried Exhibition Awards

The 2015-16 Undergraduate Juried Exhibition Awards were presented to the MU undergraduate students at the exhibition reception on February 4, 2016.

Juror:  Amy Wilder

Juror's Awards ($100 each):

Ari Wagner - Ukiyo Dreams: Tunnel Book (chipboard, mixed media)
Dani Opal - Masked By Society (charcoal)
Carly Rabon - Untitled (photography)
Simon Tatum - Caymanian Musicians (ink on acetate)
Jason Hamilton - Untitled (Print)
Ethan Buck - Untitled (Print)

Honorable Mention:
Drew Nikonowicz - N/A 027 (photography)
Rachael Trout - Untitled (photography)
Devon DaVaughn - Untitled (photography)
Anthony Harrop - Galaga (embroidery on stretched fabric)
Bri Ebenroth - Untitled (screenprint and letterpress)

Berneche Awards - Selected by Jerry and Joanne Berneche:
Gabriel Banks ($300) - The Dubious Fortune Teller (pastel)
Caitlin Allen ($300) - Costumes for Lady Capulet and Lady Montague from Romeo and Juliet (fabric)
Karesse Wilkey ($100) - Classical Trash Series - (pen, ink, and watercolor)
Ethan Buck ($100) - Untitled (Screenprint)

MU Purchase Awards

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies:
Haley Boeschen, Senior, Art - Strange Places (watercolor)
Jomerra Lane-Watson - Blue Period (acrylic painting on canvas)
Lindsay Perkins, Junior, Art - Untitled (photography)

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs:
Andrea Knaup, Senior, Art - Confessions of an Art School Addict (hand-reduced screenprint)

Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Studies
Jessica Corbin, Junior, Art - Untitled (ceramic sculpture of a boot)
Logan Esser, Junior, Art - Haniwa Horse (ceramic sculpture)