Cherie Sampson Bio

Cherie Sampson is an artist working in environmental installation, performance and video art, creating projects in wilderness and rural settings in the U.S. and abroad, including woodland, mire and boreal landscapes. Historical, cultural and elemental layers of the site are integral to the working concepts and materials, where she often integrates her body in the landscape in performances for the camera and live audiences. She received her MFA in Intermedia and Video Art from the University of Iowa, 1997. Sampson has exhibited nationally and internationally in live performances, art-in-nature symposia, video screenings and installations including in Finland: the Pori Museum of Contemporary Art, Sorsapuisto Park in Tampere, Luontokeskus Ukko Gallery in Koli; Sami Museum (Norway); Veenpark Open Air Museum (Netherlands); Festival of Water (Italy); Festival of Video Art (Cuba); Athens Video Art Festival (Greece); Festival of Video-Danse (Burgundy, France); Jumping Frames Video Dance Festival (Hong Kong); I-Park Environmental Enclave (Connecticut) and a number of other screenings and exhibitions in U.S. galleries and festivals. Fellowships and grants include a Change Foundation grant (NY), two Fulbright Awards (1998, 2011), Finlandia Foundation Trust grants (1999, 2005, 2011), Finnish Cultural Foundation Grant (2011) and multiple University of Missouri Research grants. She is represented by Bruno David Gallery, St. Louis and is a member of Artists in Nature International Network (AiNIN).