Film Studies Program


Internships in Film Studies and Film Production

There are many possibilities for students to work as interns and receive course credit toward the Film Studies degree in various areas of the industry. These include Production Companies, Marketing and Distribution Companies, Talent Agencies, Management Companies, Film Festivals, Archives, and Film Museums. Students may also receive internship credit for working on films made by local and regional filmmakers, including MU’s film production faculty, or others in the industry with connections to MU. Columbia’s own international film festival, the True/False Film Fest, offers a great local opportunity to work as a volunteer and make connections with the film community that could potentially lead to an internship or a job opportunity.

Some recent internships by MU students include:

  • Production assistant on Robert Greene’s feature documentary Bisbee ’17 (which screened at Sundance in 2018)
  • Intern position at the Library of Congress Audio-Visual Conservation Center
  • Intern with Missouri State Historical Society, working with their video archive
  • Intern position with the Oregon Film Office
  • Intern with Chaos Films in Tel Aviv, Israel through the Career Israel Internship Service
  • Production assistants for film companies on all phases of a project from grant research, pre-production and planning, shooting of the film, and editing

The office of the Internship Coordinator for the College of Arts and Science offers assistance in finding positions for which students can apply...

There are several helpful online resources.

This site provides valuable information about the process and how to craft your application:

Other useful sites: