Visiting Fibers Artist: Gaelen McCartney

January 30 - February 16, 2017

Reception:  Thursday, February 16, 4:30-6:30 PM; free and open to the public

The University of Missouri’s George Caleb Bingham Gallery presents : characterized by tragic or disastrous events, an exhibition of work by Gaelen McCartney.  Gaelen McCartney is a fiber artist living and working in Philadelphia, PA. He received his BFA in Fibers & Materials Studies from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University. Born and raised in Newburgh, NY his work is strongly influenced on his personal experiences in relation to current social constructs.

What happens at the point of intersection between artist and activist?  Where is the line drawn between expressing and advocating?  Gaelen McCartney creates work that combines his personal experiences with current issues in our society.  Weaving, silkscreen, and mixed media items are combined to create installations where individuals have the opportunity to explore their thoughts and opinions on current social issues. The works displayed in Bingham Gallery are memorials designed to humanize and reinforce the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement. The installation provides a space for viewers to remember those lives lost due to the color of their skin. The companion pieces emphasize various facets of the movement—memorialization to integration to education.  As part of the exhibition :characterized by tragic or disastrous events artist, Gaelen McCartney is encouraging community involvement before and during the show.  McCartney is asking for stuffed animals (new or used) to be donated and brought to MU’s Fibers Studio before the show and directly to the gallery during the show.  These stuffed animals will be placed throughout the gallery as a part of the work.  Artist's website: