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Dowry: Works in Fiber

C.-Pazia-Mannella Paradise detail 2016

Dowry:  Works in Fiber by C. Pazia Mannella, and a curated selection of her students' fiber works

Exhibit open to the public:  July 11 - August 25, 2016
Reception:  Thursday, August 25, 2016, 5-7PM
Free and Open to the Public

Contemporary and historical textile patterns, embroidery and garment designs are the inspiration for my work, intense rainbow and neon colors vibrate in my work.  The symbolic imagery of flowers, laurels, and wreaths represent cultural ideals of power, wealth and will.  The practice of dowry embroidery established a woman and her family's social and economic status.  The splendors of historical textiles exhibit the maker's patience and skill.  I feel we live in a material world, however, we have lost the necessity and desire to create because of the availability of disposable goods that are industrially made.  I reflect upon contemporary industrialization and global outsourcing of material processes impacting the environment.  C. Pazia Mannella