Fibers is an interdisciplinary program that incorporates a variety of techniques and methods. Techniques taught in the fiber program inform visual communication for all art media. Through the mixed-media approach of the discipline, fiber processes and materials can be utilized to become drawing, printmaking, painting, photography, sculpture or new media. The program stresses an informed, mixed media approach to art making, with a particular emphasis on the gathering, processing and structuring of diverse elements. Material, process and content are seen as an integrated unit in a successful work of art, and the goal of the Fibers program is to equip students with the intellectual, aesthetic and technical skill required to bring that integration to fruition.

The undergraduate program offers core courses in the traditional fibers techniques of surface design, weaving, felt-making, papermaking, book-arts and sculptural techniques relating to fiber related materials while simultaneously encouraging the development of a personal visual voice. The graduate program stresses the conceptual development of the artist. Graduate students are encouraged to work with materials and methods best suited to communicate their ideas. Consequently, the students and alumni of the graduate Fibers program reflect a diverse range of intellectual and material approaches. They share an interest in rigorous critical dialogue and the development of a body of work that communicates in the strongest terms the issues that inform their work.